Yoga Teacher Training & Ayahuasca


With Ian Darrah, Expert Resident Facilitator & Master Shamanic Healers

Be shamelessly generous with yourself and receive the gift of this unique one-ofa-kind experience.Mother nature’s power alive in the world’s largest jungle awaits you. Experience authentic & masterful Hatha Yoga teachings from top teacher and the most powerful indigenous shamans of the Shipibo tribe. Become a phenomenal teacher, deepen your yoga practice, inspire your soul, activate your highest potential, reconnect with your inner peace and ultimately improve your life. Learn to successfully bring the gift of yoga into the world in your own creative way

The Temple of the Way of Light has significant experience working with unique and highly qualified yoga teachers who bring their individual gifts and proven teaching methods and extensive personal experience working with ayahuasca in a responsible and sacred way.

The combination of intensive yoga and ayahuasca healing creates an extraordinary synergy where dedicated participants can accelerate their own learning, personal growth, healing, spiritual awakening and integrative process.

An Intensive 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course

With a comprehensive yoga program led by Ian Darrah

A traditional Ayahuasca & plant-based shamanic Immersion

Includes 4 ceremonies and healing lead by one male and one female healer

Additional Components to Support Healing and Integration

All the above is combined with art therapy, dance and movement classes, singing, individual consultations, group processing meetings, time to reflect in the Temple grounds, floral baths, steam baths, traditional plant remedies, and vomitivos (purgatives).

Meet Ian Darrah

(Wisdom, Compassion & Wholeness)

Ian Darrah, Founder of Medicine Yogi Yoga, a teacher of teachers, a knowledgeable and powerful carrier of the yogic and shamanic wisdom tradition, is on a mission to help others in their journey to awaken consciousness. Using his training and experience in fitness, health, yoga, ayurveda and shamanism, Ian inspires and nurtures others to become successful teachers, lead healthier and happier lives and be shining examples of kindness and true wellness. Ian is an E-RYT 500, experienced yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance. He is well versed in Tibetan Buddhism meditation techniques, and has trained with master teachers in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Satyananda and Sivananda as well as with master shamans. He shares his passion to support others in their path towards healing, peace, well-being and higher consciousness through public and private classes, lectures, presentations, workshops, circles and ceremonies throughout the world. His classes are full of experiential activities and inspiring content. Through various holistic approaches, Ian helps you explore different perspectives to develop your inner voice and find your own center in a safe and welcoming environment. He is a kind, devoted, joyous and gentle teacher who credits his students, Swami Brahmavidyananda, the Master Teacher Plants, and the Medicine men/women and shamans for expanding his potential and guiding his own path.

Program Philosophy and Guiding Principles

Yoga literally means ‘to yoke or join.’ It is a path of integration, uniting the personal, individual self with the Universal Self. The aim of the practice of yoga is the movement from a state of separation towards that of our inherent connectedness, or from dualism towards non-dualism. Similarly, ayahuasca also potentializes our capacity to dissolve boundaries of separation and access the states of deep connection and unified ‘beingness’ that are the very aims of yoga.

By bringing the millennial science and art of yoga into working with the vast, natural intelligence of the plant realm we have the opportunity to understand and feel the essential design, effects and benefits of yoga at a much deeper and more expansive level than we might otherwise attain with ordinary awareness.

Ayahuasca can reveal and unlock the subtle realms of energetic experience described in some of the most ancient yogic texts, assisting the yoga practitioner to deeply anchor his/her practice into embodied experience. Yoga teaches us to inhabit our bodies and to become increasingly aware of the life-force within and around us. Through this awareness we develop the capacity to sense where and when the energy within us is not flowing freely and we become empowered to dissolve blockages as well as to consciously invite and conduct life-force-energy to serve the natural intelligence within us.

Ayahuasca works in a similar and complementary way, enhancing our natural energetic sensitivity and helping us to tangibly sense blockages in our bodies and subtle energy systems. Ayahuasca often also facilitates intuitive, self-corrective movement – guiding us to move and breathe in ways that assist us in balancing the flow of prana within us. Essentially, ayahuasca can be invaluable in connecting us to a spontaneous ‘inner yoga’ that is born of increased sensitivity and awareness.

In our experience, the integration of ayahuasca and yoga have greatly supported our participants to access states of deep inner sensitivity invaluable to their personal yoga practice. We have found that the medicine greatly assists in accessing the high levels of awareness cultivated by yoga and its related practices, helping the practitioner to have greater body consciousness and an inner understanding of posture and anatomy, increased sensitivity to subtle energy and energy meridians and an increased capacity to concentrate and focus the mind. The combination of ayahuasca and yoga can facilitate outstanding healing outcomes including lasting mental clarity, a more balanced lifestyle and an overall sense of wellbeing.

"Thank you so much for the yoga. It helped me so much before the ceremonies because, at first, I was feeling nervous and uncomfortable and then after the yoga I felt so relaxed and then even during the ceremony I was remembering different things from the yoga class which helped me receive so much more from the ceremony. This whole process has been absolutely amazing and I am just so grateful for the yoga because it maximized my ability to get all of the benefits possible from the ayahuasca sessions and better integrate them day-by-day. Thank you"

Maestra Lila

At the age of 13, Lila was the victim of a serious accident after a tree fell on her right leg and an excruciatingly painful, chronic infection had her bed-ridden for over a year. She was treated by her mother, the legendary Maestra Ynes, who started her on a dieta with an extremely powerful tree, catahua. The dieta succeeded in curing her leg, and was the gateway that opened her path as a curandera.

She has worked for many years with her mother, Maestra Ynes, and her siblings Maestra Laura and Maestro Jose, as well as other highly respected healers all over Peru and in Europe. She is a specialist in ‘warmé’ ikaros focusing on love and happiness. She works with an amazing amount of kindness and care, and is an absolute joy to have on our team.

Maestro Damian

Damian shad been both a student, and a teacher in schools in the Iparia district before falling gravely ill from a dano sent by a jealous co-worker. His curandero uncle took him under his wing in another community, and along with his curandero grandfather worked together to heal him. It took four to five years of serious dietas to heal his illness. During this time he learnt an incredible amount from the plants about his own healing process, and how to heal others.

For many years he worked as an ‘assistant’ curandero with his uncle and then with his grandfather, a cherished Shipibo healer. Damian is a powerhouse in ceremony yet soft and gentle during the day. He has a sincere calling to heal others and brings a pure heart and great integrity to his work at the Temple. He is well loved by participants who attend his workshops with us and offers the perfect masculine balance to support Maestra Lila.

Management & Advisors

General Manager
and Workshop


Dr. Tanya Maté

Advisor and
Guest Teacher

Deep Immersion
Center Manager and
Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Dan Engle
Medical Advisor

Yogis & Specialty Teachers

Workshop Facilitator and
Meditation and Yoga Teacher

Workshop Facilitator
and Yoga Teacher

Workshop Facilitator
and Creative Art Teacher

Workshop Facilitator
and Meditation Teacher

Workshop Facilitator and
Qigong and Yoga Teacher

Workshop Facilitator
and Insight Meditation
and Yoga Teacher

Marta Wanderlust
Workshop Facilitator and
Yoga Teacher

*Note: all people shown here were involved in the development of the Medicine Yogi Yoga – TOTWOL 1-month course program. Serious ayahuasca healing and self-discovery work, necessitates special care & consideration which go above and beyond an ordinary Yoga Teacher Training. The contributions and oversight of the Medicine Yogi Yoga – TOTWOL team have resulted in and extraordinarily unique and effective training.

Core Yoga Teacher Training Components & Yoga Alliance Recognized Standards

Becoming a Yoga Teacher with the Medicine Yogi Yoga – TOTWOL Yoga Teacher Training full immersion course will likely be the most life-transforming positive decision you will ever make. This path leads you directly into the realm of self-discovery and self-empowerement. The extraordinarily powerful and unique combination of yoga & ayahuasca plant-based shamanism, in the ecological garden of the Amazon rainforest, with Master teachers & shamans creates a tremendous synergy for your personal evolution and the awakening of your consciousness. You will learn how to teach inspiring group yoga classes and become certified to teach as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) globally recognized with the Yoga Alliance credentialing organization.

200+ Hours of Yoga Alliance

Registered Course Requisites:

  • 100 Hours Technique Training
  • 25 Hours Teaching Methodology
  • 20 Hours Anatomy & Physiology
  • 30 Hours Yoga Philosophy
  • 20 Hours Practicum

The Medicine Yogi Yoga – TOTWOL Yoga Teacher Training Course Includes:

  • Intimate setting & classes with plenty of personal attention
  • Learning different class-style sequencing including: vinyasa flow, power, more gentle & relaxing styles (therapeutic, Yin, Sivananda, restorative) and the “Pavanmuktanasana Series”- a tailored sequence for special populations
  • Ayurveda intensive - Learn about this most powerful ancient preventative medical system on the planet which will radically transform your life for the better!
  • Shamanism & Amazonian-Shipibo plant-based Ayahuasca Shamanism (Healing System) – experience traditional-medicine ceremonies from Master Indigenous Shipibo Tribal Shamans
  • Teach multiple classes and receive highest caliber on-the- spot feedback, including video replay to perfect your communication skills and teaching effectiveness
  • Opportunity to work and offer classes at TOTWOL after graduation
  • History
  • Physical & Applied Anatomy
  • Hatha Yoga & Kriyas
  • Ayurveda lifestyle & daily self-care
  • Subtle Body (Energetic) Anatomy & Consciousness Model
  • Yoga Diet
  • Philosophy
  • Mantra
  • Green Yoga, Permaculture & Sustainability & Shamanism
  • Meditation & Daily Integrative Practices
  • Effective & Professional Yoga Teaching Skills
  • Conscious Communication
  • Self Discovery, Mastery & Willingness to Face & Heal our Shadow Side



    Certification is provided when all requirements are fulfilled in a satisfactory manner. You must demonstrate that you can effectively teach a class, and you must pass the final exam.The scheduled group meeting times are mandatory. If for some reason, you are unable to participate in all the scheduled group meetings, it may take longer than the program dates to complete the requirements, as you need to make up the missed classes. If this is the case, inquire with Ian and he will guide you on how to complete all requirements.

    What To Expect

  • How to teach an exceptional yoga class
  • How to teach and creatively sequence the following types of classes: beginner’s, vinyasa flow, restorative, and for special populations
  • Significantly deepen your own practice
  • Connect with and build a friendly & supportive community of like-minded Medicine Yogis
  • Learn to custom design yoga sequences and adapt your teaching for a variety of body types and personalities
  • Become qualified to teach yoga privately
  • Principles of anatomy
  • Thorough understanding of the instructions, bio-mechanics, benefits and meanings of over 60 asanas (physical yoga postures)
  • How to Incorporate Ayurveda into your daily life, yoga practice and teachings
  • History & philosophy of yoga including the classical yoga of Patanjali & the Yoga Sutras
  • How to give instruction more effectively through improved communication skills
  • How to use and teach mantras
  • How to meditate and teach meditation
  • How to successfully use props: blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters.
  • How to cultivate higher Self Awareness
  • How to create and harmonize positive energies
  • The business of yoga
  • How to be truly effective and inspiring as a teacher
  • Learn to be of service and bring your love of yoga to the community
  • The Medicine Yogi Yoga

    Teacher Training Philosophy

    Medicine Yogi – TOTWOL’s Yoga Teacher Training Course offers you the tools to awaken consciousness and become a phenomenal instructor. Through the guidance of a renowned faculty, an environment that inspires self-discovery, healing and personal transformation, and a program that builds confidence and a community of like-minded Medicine Yogis, the training is the beginning of an important life changing physical, mental and spiritual process

    Certificate Requirements

    180 hours of guided direct-contact instruction

    Successfully pass the written test

    Teach 1 community class

    Fulfill tuition requirements

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